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Barbara Horwood O'Leary (July 31,1944 - March 8, 2016)

Born to Lloyd and Edna Horwood in St. John's, NL, Barbara married Joe O'Leary in 1966 and together they have 5 children.

Work took most of the family to Baddeck Nova Scotia in 1991, where they took over ownership of IGA.   For the next 25 years, Barbara and her family were part of the Baddeck community.

Barbara was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in early January, 2016. 

In the months before her passing on March 8th, 2016, she was lovingly cared for and attended to by her family, as well as the home care and nurses of Victoria County Memorial Hospital who visited her daily.

This website is donated to the Victoria County Memorial Hospital Charitable Foundation in memory of Barbara OLeary.   Website design and services by Sandra O'Leary,  owner of Zircon Web Design Inc., and oldest child of Joe and Barbara OLeary.  The O'Leary family are pleased to donate this gift, to show their appreciation for the attention and help she was given during her final months.



A Message from Barbara

It is now so easy for me dear one, yet still so hard for you, Give yourself the time to grieve, but then live life to the fullest you must do,
 If you knew what I know now -- that heaven is for real,  ow much better would that make you feel?
My wings were ready, but your heart was not, so true,  But know that I am never far, for I walk here right beside you,


Remember me with smiles, not tears,  Remember the laughter and good times we shared,
When you are sad and feeling blue one day,  Speak to me like I’m in the room, in that old familiar way,
For although you may not see me -- or even hear me speak,  I am still here with you, stronger than ever, and no longer weak,


When you need guidance, comfort and some proof I am here,  Ask me for an unspecified sign, pay special attention, and It will appear,
Some of my favourite signs to watch for are listed there below,  And when you do notice them, be sure to say hello!


… Like the tiny birds in the tall, white birch trees,  … Or the sound of Chickadees in the warm summer breeze,
… Like the adorable, lucky elephants with their trunks held up high,  … Or laughing so long and hard, that it just makes you cry,
… Or when ordering only muffin tops at Tim’s drive through,  … Go ahead, I dare you, when you need a laugh or two,
… Like crystals, Feng shui, and a well-designed home,  … Like when driving to Florida , playing 120s,
… and of course, when “goin’ on your own”!


Just as I did there, I am here laughing and dancing with glee,  Twisting and shouting, only this time with perfectly formed knees!
My journey there was one of learning, love, laughter and fun,  And if I had my time back, Many things differently I may have done,


When God saw my weary body, and a cure for it was not meant to be,  He put his arms around me, and softly whispered “Dear, come with Me”
There is no sadness, only happiness here, dear one,  For my next journey of exciting adventures has only just begun,
I am in a wondrous place, with no sadness, worry or tears,  A place of indescribable beauty where there are no days nor years,
I am here with those who came here before me,  and they showed me the way to this magical land,
And when it is time for us to be together again,  I will be there for you too, holding out my hand.